Realistic dreams vs. Getting rich quick schemes

Since being back in the city, I have learned the hard way not to trust what people say, that proof is a necessity since there are a lot of con-artist out here in NYC. People who think they are worth more than they really are, and have dreams that will never manifest themselves.

So the reason for this post: What is the difference between a realistic dream and a getting rich quick scheme? Well for one, a getting rich quick scheme usually doesn’t work out. It is fast paced, perceived to be well thought out, but usually falls flat in the end. Whomp! The key word is quick, and riches don’t come quickly. Realistic dreams, on the other hand, requires work, time, sweat, some times tears, and a whole lot of perseverance. Are YOU up for the challenge?

My advice to you:
Invest in a realistic dream. Leave the getting rich quick schemes to the con-artist. A realistic dream has a better chance of happening (mmmm, I’d say about 50% chance). The chances of a get rich quick scheme working out: 0 to none. And in case you don’t know, 0 and none are synonymous, so clearly it is not a sound investment.

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