The Greatest Sin

Please read this article. I would have to agree that the greatest sin is not believing in Christ, that this sin will surely send your soul to hell! I’ve debated with my family and friends about ranking sin, putting sin in a descending or ascending order of offense. Is adultery worse than murder? Is lying a greater sin than the others outlined in the 10 commandments? What about idolatry? The Bible says that Christ will forgive us for all of our sins when we repent. He knows that we are subject to the temptations of this flesh and that since we are not perfect, only Jesus is and will ever be, we are bound to make mistakes and cry out to him for forgiveness. So then is there a difference between sin and transgression? Should we bother to care about the sins that we knowingly commit versus those we commit by accident? Either way we need to cry out to Jesus to ask for forgiveness. He is always ready to forgive us when we ask. Our God is so merciful. But please do not take His mercy for granted or as a sign of weakness. This is what I know to be true about God: The Lord delights in lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness.

Sin will leave you torn in so many ways, it has a haunting affect from which you can’t escape. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of Christ is everlasting life. Jesus said that if you love him, you will keep His commandments. He asks us not to commit adultery, murder, lie, or have any idols before him. If you are doing any one of these, guess what? God is not pleased. Christ is looking for a church without a spot or wrinkle. Will you FULLY trust him?


My baby’s father is the devll

I don’t know what to do

Should I let him father his daughter

Or do I shield her from the truth?

I don’t want him to hurt her

So I’ll take the blame instead

I’ll have to live with this burden

Until the day I’m dead.

Realistic dreams vs. Getting rich quick schemes

Since being back in the city, I have learned the hard way not to trust what people say, that proof is a necessity since there are a lot of con-artist out here in NYC. People who think they are worth more than they really are, and have dreams that will never manifest themselves.

So the reason for this post: What is the difference between a realistic dream and a getting rich quick scheme? Well for one, a getting rich quick scheme usually doesn’t work out. It is fast paced, perceived to be well thought out, but usually falls flat in the end. Whomp! The key word is quick, and riches don’t come quickly. Realistic dreams, on the other hand, requires work, time, sweat, some times tears, and a whole lot of perseverance. Are YOU up for the challenge?

My advice to you:
Invest in a realistic dream. Leave the getting rich quick schemes to the con-artist. A realistic dream has a better chance of happening (mmmm, I’d say about 50% chance). The chances of a get rich quick scheme working out: 0 to none. And in case you don’t know, 0 and none are synonymous, so clearly it is not a sound investment.

Top Priorities

Today while on my way to the dentist, I met a guy who told me about his networking group that makes it possible for him to travel the world. I asked him how it works and he said he needed a computer to show me a 15-minute video. He has a part-time job that pays $9/hr which gives him just enough money to live on while he networks, and travels. I don’t know how much traveling he’s able to do with the wages he earns from his part-time job, but he seemed happy and that’s what matters. During our conversation, I ended up telling him that I was a teacher. He looked shocked. “But you look so young, must be good genes,” he said. I agreed, at least that’s what everyone tells me. He asked if I would teach for free. I thought about it. Maybe not free, since I have bills to pay and things of that sort, but I understood where he was coming from. He spoke so passionately about his networking and traveling. I’m not sure how many places he’s been, but the sparkle in his eyes revealed a lot. I am sure networking was at the top of his list of priorities. I started to think about my own list. I think it’s a great place to start when figuring out what kind of person you are. So, I ask the question. What’s the top three things on the list of your priorities?

This world has so much to offer. Words from my god-father ring loud and clear. “Know thyself.”


A butterfly released from her cocoon just minutes ago
Doesn’t know that two weeks before she couldn’t fly
An eagle soaring in the sky isn’t aware that most creatures can’t breathe
in such an altitude, and would surely die
A tortoise, slow and determined, races against himself and not the hare
For he knows that when he crosses the finished line, only the winner will meet him there

A season

We were joined at the hip for a season
And then split apart for reasons I cannot account for other than time
There were things about each other I’m sure we didn’t like
(But we dare not say these things aloud
Never, we would write them down and discard the paper as if this sacred act would erase intolerable fragments)
We continued to be too busy to recognize Continue reading